Saturday, June 25, 2005

Double Standard

My boyfriend should be someone who:
1) is tall, dark, and handsome.
2) reads.
3) can talk about politics, music, literature, art, and films.
4) has a sense of humor.
5) is goal-oriented.
6) can play the guitar.
7) can take me home when I get drunk.
8) has an excellent fashion sense.
9) understands me.
10) loves me.

Whew! Tall order, you may say, but these traits have always been my "criteria for judging." You may be wondering how/where I got my earthling considering my standards. I assure you he is from this planet. (I can almost see your raised eyebrows...)

OK, I admit I lowered my standards a bit. I've accepted the fact that my handsome, guitar-playing, dorky but humorous prince does not exist:
1) He is just 2 inches taller than me. That's fine, I don't wear high-heels anyway.
He is a shade darker than me. Maybe that's dark enough.
Handsome? Uhmm, he's not repulsive...
2) Pugad Baboy, Beerkada, and Calvin and Hobbes. And he doesn't know Conrado de Quiros. Tsktsk.
J: Dito lang naman yan sa Manila e. May nangyari na ba sa Pilipinas na nationwide ang scope? Hindi kasama ang natural calamities a.
C: Meron. Martial law.
J: Hindi naman naramdaman samin yon e.
C: Grrrr...
J: Ganda talaga ng surrealist paintings.
C: Baroque yan e.
And we argued over it for five minutes. Of course I won.
J: Yuck! Lalake sa lalake?!
C: E dun sila masaya e. Expression lang yon ng sexuality nila.
Then I remembered he's a Christian so I opted to stop.
He gushes over William Faulkner, Butch Dalisay, Araby, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Hay, salamat...
4) My, my! Leave humor to me. At least he laughs at my jokes and stories...
5) The next decade of his life looks like a war plan.
6) He's a drummer. I've always thought drummers are cute...
7) J: Ayoko sa mga babaeng umiinom.
C: E di ayaw mo sakin?
Forget it. I only got wasted once.
8) Printed polo?! OK lang, idol ko naman si Roco.
9) I'd say he's known me in our past lives.
10) Sigh...

Who says love is blind? It sees. It sees too well, but in the end it doesn't mind. We set these ultra-high standards but deep inside, we know that #10 is what matters most. It's crazy.

Or maybe we're just scared of spinsterhood. Haha.

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  1. printed polo lover rin naman si atienza ah. :) (*mahal kong maynila...*)


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