Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just Another Woman In Love

By Anne Murray

I'm strong, I'm sure, I'm in control, a lady with a plan
Believing that life is a neat little package I hold in my hand
I've got it together, they call me "the girl who knows just what to say and do"
Still I fumble and fall, run into the wall, 'cause when it comes to you, I'm

Just another woman in love, a kid out of school
A fire out of control, just another fool
You touch me and I'm weak, I'm a feather in the wind
And I can't wait to feel you touching me again
With you I'm just another woman, just another woman in love

So pardon me if I should stare and tremble like a child
That "wanting you" look all over your face is driving me wild
I'm just what you make me, can't wait 'till you take me and set all my feelings free
I know that you can, so come be my man, tonight I wanna be

(CHORUS X 2 with FADE in middle of the second)

Susme, ano na naman kaya nakain ko? Paano kasi, nagvivideoke yung kapitbahay namin. Na-LSS tuloy ako...

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  1. my gosh... hahaha! napaka violent nga ng reactions ko! hahaha! since when?!?!? (rubs palms together) may ichichika nanaman ako kina ate anj! mwahahahaha!


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