Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Secret Life

My roommates have always thought that I have a weird, nay, unhealthy penchant for movies that tackled sensitive issues (read: sex). I have explained so many times that this kind of films widens my knowledge and "Bakit ba? Sex is the most natural thing in the world!," but I have always failed to open their eyes. Poor kids. They've been blinded by the so-called guardians of morality. Poor me. I will always be seen as a pervert.
All of my friends know that I'm a movie maniac, but not all of them know the extent of my mania. Only a few has had the privilege (haha!) of watching a "weird" film with me. So when he became my earthling, I resolved to let him get to know me better. And what better way to do so than tag him along to one of my regular haunts -- the film org that I visit for their monthly screenings. As luck would have it, the theme for the month was gay and lesbian cinema.
I have always attended their screenings alone so my going there with someone attracted attention. After some brief introduction, one of the members asked, "Bakit ngayon mo lang siya isinama?" I didn't want to tell her the entire alien-princess-and-earthling saga so I simply replied, "Busy po e." But she seemed intent on wreaking havoc and said to him, "May secret life siya e, no?"
The movie is mild by my standards but to a neophyte like him, maybe it's too much. I saw him tearing his gaze from the screen everytime a sensitive scene comes up (He reminded me of my childhood, when me and my siblings would look away or cover our eyes when people on TV do something we are not supposed to see). Good thing he still had the guts to sit through it.
"Kumusta naman?" I asked as we were leaving the place. I wanted to know what he thinks of me but I didn't know how to put it.
"Totoo yung sinabi ni ____ tungkol sa secret life mo. Parang ngayon lang talaga kita nakikilala."
"Kaya nga kita isinama e...Uhmmm, kumusta naman yung movie?" Argh, my mouth could get so uncooperative sometimes.
"Ang cheap ng istorya."

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  1. "Only a few has had the privilege (haha!) of watching a "weird" film with me." --- Hahahaha, I'm so proud :D


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