Thursday, June 16, 2005

Terms of Endearment

Honey. Cupcake. Oreo. Kisses. Marshmallow. Gummy Bear. Chocnut. This is not a list of my favorite sweets. These are but a few of the sugary expressions lovestruck people call their loves with. Corny, really. Don't these terms leave the couples wanting to eat each other (no pun intended)?
I have yet to teach my self how not to cringe everytime I hear a friend call her boyfriend "Chocnut." But except for the occasional ear-irritation, this habit hasn't given me problems so I try not to make an issue out of it.
Until I found the one who would (want to) use such terms on me.
J: Ok lang bang tawagin kitang "love?"
C: (Corny nito...) Huh? Bakit pa? Puwede namang "Cess" lang.
J: Para special. I love you Love.
C: Nye, redundant naman yun.
C: E, anong itatawag ko sa'yo?
J: Kahit ano.
C: (with the I-have-an-idea-hehehe look on my face) Alam ko na! "Ling" na lang!
J: "Ling" for darling?
C: Darling ka diyan! "Earthling" 'yon no! Pinaikli ko lang para cute.


  1. my gosh, my gosh, my gosh!


    hehe, jem and i call each other bubu (go cringe now). sometimes he calls me tabatchoy. sometimes i call him taunggoy or monking.


    dati he calls me dimsum and i call him sushi, in keeping with the oriental looks.

    didn't work.

  2. hahaha!

    hypocrite! after spending several nights laughing at 'baby' (then 'chumchum'), ikaw naman ang ganyan ngayon! ha!


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