Friday, August 26, 2005


So, it's been a month. Four weeks spent trying to convince myself to at least like what I'm doing. Didn't work. Everyday I wake up and curse the heavens for putting me in this place. I can't stay like this forever.

I feel trapped.Why did I sign the contract?

I wish I can find a way out. But for now all I can do is to convince myself harder. Sigh...


To Cess, With Love:

1) Come on. Five months and you're out.
2) Love begets love. Love your work/boss and it/she will love you back.
3) As your brother (aka "Stone Cold Kuya") puts it, "At least hindi ka na kasama sa unemployment rate."
4) Well, it makes you happy twice a month...
5) It's fun to see your boss mad. It's even more fun to see the gradual manifestation of her need for that new product from Pond's ("fight the eight early signs of aging"), hahaha.

after 48 years...

I finally got the chance to update my blog. I just wish my boss won't see me doing this, ehehe... More so because my recent posts are about her.

Hmm... What now? I have nothing new to say/write. Rants again? Even I got tired after reading my entries. But then, it makes me feel a bit relieved to vent my gripes to the world (a feeling a lot like what you get after taking Dulcolax, haha!).

So that's why it's called cesspool, eh?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hay, salamat...

For the very first time, my boss has given me a cordial treatment. It has always been a toss-up between the "I'm-the-Boss" and the "I-refuse-to-see-you" modes. Why, she has even condescended to ask me if I'm already feeling fine after my unfortunate illness (which she has chided me for only a few days ago) and has bestowed me a true-blue smile (not the smirks she has been too generously giving me since I started).

Maybe because:
a) she woke up on the right side of the bed
b) the cold weather cooled her temper
c) I have done something pleasing (which is highly unlikely, I haven't done anything this morning except pretend I was busy)
d) she decided to mend her ways before it's too late
e) it's a Saturday and we're only in the office for half of the day
f) all of the above

I wish she'd be in that mood forever and ever. Amen.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sick & Tired

I didn't go to work yesterday. These drastic weather changes made me ill. I prayed that I be sick a little longer so I could at least miss my boss and regain part of my rapidly fading enthusiasm (Come to think of it, maybe the weather wasn't the reason for my illness...). But then, my prayer falls under the "Sloth" category of the Deadly Capital Sins so it wasn't granted and so poor me had to punch my blasted time card this morning.
I thought my condition would make my boss gentle. Turned out I was wrong.


Boss: Ano bang nangyari sa'yo? Hindi ka pa nga nagfi-field nilagnat ka na.
Ako: Naulanan po ako nung Monday e.
B: Bakit ako, hindi ganyan? Kahit maulanan ako hindi ako nagkakasakit.
A: ... (Ganon yata talaga ang mga masasamang damo.)
B: Mag-vitamins ka. Sa trabahong 'to, madalas ka talagang mauulanan kaya magdala ka palagi ng payong.
A: Yes, Ma'am. (Wow, thanks for your concern.)
Hay, susmaryosep!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

An Elegy*

We've known each other for so long
Survive we did through storms so strong.
Together we walked the sands of time,
Roads unknown or filled with grime.
And now as I lay you to rest,
I cannot help but be distressed
Because the one that took your place
Often leaves frown on my face.
Forget I must our stomps and jumps,
I cannot do them in these pumps.
A gnawing pain creeps through my toes
Oh, how I miss my rubber shoes!

*In loving memory of my sneakers. Although you are not worn, you are not forgotten.

Rants Galore...

I've only been working for a week but it feels like it's been eons. I'm beginning to feel what PGMA is not feeling (or will not ever feel) -- I want to resign. Or go AWOL. Sublimate even. Whatever the means, I want to leave that f***ing nuthouse. As in, now na.
I think I was too eager to grab the "opportunity." Out of despair, I guess. Darn. What have I got my self into?
I wish I had my dream job. One that does not:
1) require daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports.
2) endanger my life riding the rush hour MRT.
3) require me to "look corporate."
4) require me to have field works while looking corporate.
5) give measly pay.
6) make me miss The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar.

7) have a bitchy Blue Eagle as the boss.

And More!!!
Conversations between the witch with a B and my alter ego.
1)Boss: I'm very particular with regards to dressing up. Hindi puwede yang ganyan, mukhang papasok ka lang sa school.
Alter Ego: What the... Itsura kong 'to?! Bakit di ka kaya tumingin sa salamin?
2) B: Naninigaw ako, so kung sensitive ka at ayaw mong masigawan, gawin mo nang maayos ang trabaho mo.
AE: Naninigaw ka? Haha, pareho pala tayo.
3) B: Pag may hiningi akong report ngayon, dapat i-submit mo ngayon. Ayokong nakakarinig ng "Wala pa po," "Bukas po..."
AE: Eh, di huwag mo hingin agad.
4) B: You should be able to increase it [sales] by 30%. If not, it means you're not doing your job.
AE: Hey, that's a post hoc argument...
5) B: Do your job well and you'll be properly incentivized.
AE: Incentivized indeed! Strunk & White must be turning in their graves this moment.
I wish I have said those to her face, but all I could do was nod and say "Yes, Ma'am." Damn. I didn't go to UP to kiss her (or anybody else's) ass.
And oh, she shares the same name with The Vamp (see Green-Eyed Monster). Sure, life is one big joke. But why do I have to be the punchline?