Friday, August 26, 2005


So, it's been a month. Four weeks spent trying to convince myself to at least like what I'm doing. Didn't work. Everyday I wake up and curse the heavens for putting me in this place. I can't stay like this forever.

I feel trapped.Why did I sign the contract?

I wish I can find a way out. But for now all I can do is to convince myself harder. Sigh...


To Cess, With Love:

1) Come on. Five months and you're out.
2) Love begets love. Love your work/boss and it/she will love you back.
3) As your brother (aka "Stone Cold Kuya") puts it, "At least hindi ka na kasama sa unemployment rate."
4) Well, it makes you happy twice a month...
5) It's fun to see your boss mad. It's even more fun to see the gradual manifestation of her need for that new product from Pond's ("fight the eight early signs of aging"), hahaha.

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  1. that's ok. i think it's a very valid and normal feeling :)

    kung pwede lang maging professional student na lang forever no?

    miss na kita!


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