Monday, August 01, 2005

Rants Galore...

I've only been working for a week but it feels like it's been eons. I'm beginning to feel what PGMA is not feeling (or will not ever feel) -- I want to resign. Or go AWOL. Sublimate even. Whatever the means, I want to leave that f***ing nuthouse. As in, now na.
I think I was too eager to grab the "opportunity." Out of despair, I guess. Darn. What have I got my self into?
I wish I had my dream job. One that does not:
1) require daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports.
2) endanger my life riding the rush hour MRT.
3) require me to "look corporate."
4) require me to have field works while looking corporate.
5) give measly pay.
6) make me miss The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar.

7) have a bitchy Blue Eagle as the boss.

And More!!!
Conversations between the witch with a B and my alter ego.
1)Boss: I'm very particular with regards to dressing up. Hindi puwede yang ganyan, mukhang papasok ka lang sa school.
Alter Ego: What the... Itsura kong 'to?! Bakit di ka kaya tumingin sa salamin?
2) B: Naninigaw ako, so kung sensitive ka at ayaw mong masigawan, gawin mo nang maayos ang trabaho mo.
AE: Naninigaw ka? Haha, pareho pala tayo.
3) B: Pag may hiningi akong report ngayon, dapat i-submit mo ngayon. Ayokong nakakarinig ng "Wala pa po," "Bukas po..."
AE: Eh, di huwag mo hingin agad.
4) B: You should be able to increase it [sales] by 30%. If not, it means you're not doing your job.
AE: Hey, that's a post hoc argument...
5) B: Do your job well and you'll be properly incentivized.
AE: Incentivized indeed! Strunk & White must be turning in their graves this moment.
I wish I have said those to her face, but all I could do was nod and say "Yes, Ma'am." Damn. I didn't go to UP to kiss her (or anybody else's) ass.
And oh, she shares the same name with The Vamp (see Green-Eyed Monster). Sure, life is one big joke. But why do I have to be the punchline?


  1. what an effin BITCH! arnean ba yan? sarap tadyakan!

    saan ka nagwowork?

  2. yup, arnean nga...
    ehehe, yoko sabihin kung saan e, mahirap na. inalok nga ako ni jobert, sampahan ko raw ng charges for violating the labor code. ok lang, basta pro bono (duh, 5 years pa un, jobertito!).


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