Sunday, October 23, 2005

October won't be a post-less month

I've been too busy lately I haven't noticed that the month is almost over. Work has cut my connection with the rest of the world. I haven't watched a single TV show, a movie (waa! I missed the Cinemanila International Film Festival!!!), I haven't read a single news story (or even a lead), nor was I able to start reading any of the new books I've bought. I have no idea what songs/artists dominate the airwaves these days (except for MYMP and Hale) and my e-mail has been unchecked until, uhm, 5 minutes ago.

Our office is not in a subterranean village/a jungle/the exosphere. It's right in the middle of Makati. Then why the heck do I sound so thrown-out-of-civilization?

Well, October happened to be a very busy month for the company. The bigwigs are asking for reports that for some reason seem to have no end. We minions are always told to revise this, polish that, as if they do read the reports we submit. Grrr. There was one week when I stayed in the office from 6AM to 11PM (no overtime pay) just to avoid hearing my boss use the phrase "Parang hindi kayo nagtratrabaho" on me. It was followed by a two-day unpaid sick leave. (Perhaps it's sick to wish for sickness but I do wish I'd fall ill often enough to get some rest and to have "valid" reason for leaving the company without being sued for breach of contract.)

I wonder how my co-workers go on. They're like automatons and I feel like I'm gradually becoming one of them. We are running through life without living it. To where are we heading, anyway?