Monday, December 12, 2005

Drummer Mania

I have seen him play the Drum Mania (a drums version of the Dance Dance Revo) countless of times. He's good at it, as shown by the prefect scores and the unspoken admiration of on-lookers he has often received. But somehow, anti-technology me feel uncertain about his talent. Getting a 100 on the videoke even without getting a tune right is very possible so I thought it is so too with the virtual drum set.
I promised to watch him play the "real thing" when the opportunity comes. Last week, the long-hoped-for chance came. And watch I did, despite the rains, my raging asthma and brewing fever.

The performers had a pre-arranged seating separate from spectators so I came in alone. The venue was packed by that time but I managed to squeeze myself beside a group of coñotic colegialas.
Each band was given fifteen minutes to perform, and their band was the fourth in line. Anticipation and excitement (and asthma?) made my breathing erratic. The noise added to the chaos I was feeling that I wasn't able to make anything out of the first three performances. Finally, they were called.
They haven't been one minute into their performance when the crowd went wild.
"The drummer is so galing," the girl beside me said.
"He's cute pa," the other replied.
"One, two, three -- Go drummer!"
Then the-drummer-is-so-galing girl screamed, "I love you drummer!"
Grrr... I felt the urge to grab her by the hair, but she didn't have any idea about me and him so I absolved her of her sin. I couldn't blame her. The drummer was so galing talaga.
After their rocking performance, he invited me for snacks at the nearby canteen. I still couldn't believe he was the same guy being cheered by the crowd minutes earlier.
"Kailangan ng konting yabang pag nagpe-perform," he said.
That explains it. Off-stage he is quiet and reserved (I do all the yabang, hehe), hiding his brilliance behind the dorky eyeglasses.
"Nagkaroon ka ng instant fans' club a," I joked. Ako ang president, I added inwardly.


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