Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's beginning to feel a lot like Lent...

I just filed for resignation. And yesterday was my last day at work. Today, of course, is my first day of "paradise regained." Well, not exactly paradise-like. For one, I will not be experiencing the joy of receiving my supposed-to-be first Christmas bonus. That means I have to devise Houdini-esque escape from my poor inaanaks and limit my already-limited marginal propensity to spend (Econ 100.1?).

But then again, a few hundred bucks is not enough to buy my dignity. The corporate world sucks. It s
ure feels great to be free from a Xanthippe of a boss and no-brainer paper works.


  1. it is the season of missing people and of resignations =(

    i think you're right. sabi nga ni almi, "masyado pa akong bata para magtrabaho dahil lang sa suweldo."

    i wish you luck and happiness, cess the best =)


    wala na akong naaalala ni isa sa mga tinuro ni winnie monsod. =p

  2. paano yan? di mo pa kami naililibre?

    joke lang.

    good luck na lang.

  3. hay, sad...=(

    sa open house na lang siguro... hehehe! invite nyo ko ha? =)


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