Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anong meron ang taong happy?

"E di happiness!" I shouted at the idiot box as the ad played. Before, I never really cared about commercials; I considered them as interruptions and I would switch channels as soon as they begin. Recently, however, I've been watching all the advertisements in all the TV programs I watch, believing they are somehow part of the programs that would not exist anyway without the sponsors.

I was amazed at how downright idiotic some (or most) are, aside from the obvious exaggerations they employ to catch attention and eventually increase sales. Talk about advertising ethics.

So what's my point? I dunno. I guess I was just annoyed at how my sister reacted to my answer to that ad's question. The choices are a)energy b)pagod. And she said, "Haha, mali!" and went on laughing long after the ad (and the program in which the ad was shown) was over. But really, someone can have all the energy in the world and still be unhappy... Never mind that the ad was for a multivitamin or something...

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