Monday, January 23, 2006


So our man Pacman emerged victorous after all. The much-hyped grudge rematch with Erik "El Terible" Morales had made me apprehensive for some time. El Terible was hibernating in the South American mountains, not giving a hint on how terible he would be inside the ring, while Pacquiao was preparing in LA for all the world to see, assuring every Pinoy that he would beat his opponent (which made me go, "Siguruhin mo lang a."). Then there's TV Patrol giving the blow-by-blow account of Manny's preparations day after day after day, and Team Pacquiao was all too cooperative, filling us in on the new techniques and "secret" weapon that Pacman would be using. But then again, the Mexican media must have covered (or uncovered) their idol in much the same way too. Except, maybe, that Morales didn't have an album released, hehehe.

The day of The Battle came. I was up in front of the television as early as 10am, but of course, there were three undercard fights that lasted til 1pm (My energy waned as the time drew nearer, and my siblings refused to have lunch before the fight. Happily, we lunched at three...). Then came the singing of the National Anthems. Jennifer Bautista sang Lupang Hinirang quite fine, except for the last line where she went grossly off-key. It was a bad premonition, I thought. But that's not the end of it. The Mexicans had Grammy winner
Jon Secada for their anthem! Men, why didn't we send in Martin Nievera? (I later learned that the girl is connected with the people of Games and Amusement Board and with Sen. Bong Revilla Jr. too. Oh, well...).

Naturally, every Filipino wanted Pacman to win, but my sister was rabid in expressing this desire: "Pabagsakin mo na!" she cheered a few seconds into the first round. Of course, she was asking for the moon; Morales has never been knocked out in his entire career. Besides, the audience, especially those who shelled off 300-500 bucks to watch the commercial-free coverage in theaters wouldn't be too happy. Pacquiao's punches however, proved it wasn't wishful thinking as Morales almost went down as early as the second round. At the end of the sixth round, I knew it was possible. The end came at the tenth round, when Morales went down barely seconds after getting up from the first knock down. It was such a sweet revenge.

Para sa 'yo ang suntok na 'to...

Now that Pacman has won, we'll never hear excuses of his having bad gloves/socks/promoter. I heard Morales was complaining of aching legs while into the fight. Hindi kasi siya nag-Alaxan e.

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  1. hahahaha ;p kamusta ka naman?

    grabe, kayo talaga ni lawrence ang 2 sa may pinaka-witty na blogs na super nageenjoy akong basahin. panalo sa humor!


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