Saturday, March 04, 2006

Almost Absent

...on my second day at work. All because of the blasted student ID that didn't make its existence felt. I don't have a company ID yet and although I have an entry permit, I'm still required to present a valid ID (who says a student ID is not valid when you've been a graduate for a year?). Good thing the guard accepted my Laking National Card plus 1x1 picture. You may call it resourcefulness. I say it's charm.


  1. cess, san ka na nagwowork?

  2. kung saan tayo sabay na
    nag-exam... c',)

  3. Astig. so dun sa position na yun o sa research?Andiyan din si virge eh,inisip pa natin kung san siya. :D si rhea nagsabi sa kin.


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