Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Simple Wants

If you were to die in three days, what would you want to do? Phil Keoghan (No Opportunities Wasted) asked that on Oprah a couple of weeks ago. I realized I'm one of many who wouldn't know how to answer it, so I made a list of the things I'd like to experience before "I face my final curtain." I must have spent two days making the list up. Man, if I were really to die in three days, I'd only have a day to do the things I thought of! It's crazy.

1) sing and dance in the rain. I used to do this when I was a kid, and I'd do it naked. Too bad, I have to let go of the naked part now...
2) visit a foreign country. Probably France or Italy, and maybe infuse some romance into my veins in the process.
3) cook something special for someone. The most complicated bit of cooking I've done for someone was tortang talong. Don't laugh. This recipe involves two stages -- roasting the eggplant and frying it with egg. For someone with below-average culinary capacity, that requires a lot of effort.
4) try an extreme sport. No opportunity has presented itself so far.
5) witness a meteor shower. And I don't need any of the F4 guys to enjoy it.
6) appear on TV. (...?)
7) give birth. Whoa!
8) live in a totally different environment. In a place with no cell phones and computers and TVs...
9) walk down the aisle. Someone said that walking down the aisle is the greatest form of excercise one could take. I say it's a Death March. Or a prelude to a lifetime of torture. I'm willing to inflict it nonetheless (insert evil laugh here).
10) make other people happy. The believability factor of this one must be closer to nil after reading #9... Sure, I'm a jaded and self-centered *itch, but I do try to not make life difficult for others. (With the possible exception of my mom, who I suppose has gotten used to me and my antics anyway.)

One dream experience that is sure to benefit humanity but didn't quite make it to the list is -- bang Dubya's and Gloria's heads against each other. I'll be content doing that to any of them, with a little help from a wall or something. Uh, is that inciting to sedition?


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  1. "Uh, is that inciting to sedition?" hahaha.

    cess, masaya gumawa ng lists na ganyan. try mo gumawa ng list of things to do before i turn 30...or things to do before i die...


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