Saturday, May 27, 2006


We've been together for thirteen months and twenty-two days but only a few of our friends know about it. We don't even have pictures in Friendster. "Walang evidence," as he puts it, only that little line that says we are "in a relationship". Not that ours is a case we have to defend in court. But I admit, it's a bit weird.

So one day, we spent a whole afternoon taking pictures of ourselves. We really didn't intend to upload everything on the web. It's just me and my exhibitionist tendencies (hahaha!). At any rate, I asked for his permission and he consented.

Hindi naman kami galit sa camera...


  1. aha! siya pala! siya pala! :)
    ang cuuuuuuuuute niyo! *giggles*
    miss na kita cess! i'm so glad ur happy. hope to see you soon!

  2. hehe, siya nga...
    thanks! miss ko na rin kayo. c",) one year na pala tayong di nagkikita...=(


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