Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good Times Revisited

Sixteen months. I couldn’t believe it’s been that long. Labing-anim na buwan na palang walang direksyon ang buhay ko. But since this piece is supposed to be happy, I will not dwell on that, hehe.

So after sixteen months of not seeing each other, the members of the K2 block reunited. I call it a mini-reunion, for only five were present. Not that nilangaw kami, quorum na nga yun e. Walo lang kasi kami sa block, nag-transfer ang isa at absentee blockmate ang isa pa, kaya bale anim lang kami (sus, pinahaba pa ang kwento!). It was the first time we’ve seen each other after graduating from college, and if not for the scheduled claiming of the yearbook that day, we wouldn’t have visited our dear old MassComm.

The girls of K2 are as crazy as ever – Kia was her usual jolly madaldal self, Christina was part serious, part chatty, Vanessa was lively despite the lack of sleep, and Virge… well, I didn’t observe her much because we see each other more often than the rest. Oh, her gold shoes, they were glittering!

I daresay they didn’t change much, but I am still putting forth some transformations. One is now driving a company-provided car with fuel allowance to boot, one is currently enrolled in baking class, and the other two are in law school (surprisingly, they're quite OK).

Snaps of conversation which my cerebrum managed to capture:

I. Vani, Virge, Cess (CMC Canteen).
Vani poring over some photocopied readings
Virge: Buti naaalala mo kahit once mo lang nabasa. Ako siguro tatlong beses dapat…
Vani: Kailangan eh.. hay, inaantok na ako...
Cess: Tulog ka muna. 4 pa naman yung class mo di ba?

II. Kia, Virge, Cess (Oz Cafe)
Kia: Di ba, anong pagkakakilala nyo sakin? Mabait naman ako di ba?
Virge & Cess: (micropause) Oo naman! (grin)

III.Kia, Virge, Vani, Chris, Cess (Teriyaki Boy, Libis)
Cess: I-congratulate nyo ko, one week na akong hindi nagkakape!
Chris: Wow, congratulations.
Kia: Kanina kaya…
Cess: Shet, oo nga ano. Kape pala yun, di ko napansin. Malamig kasi e (iced mocha).

We signed our pages on the yearbook with messages we never say to each other in person. Hay, ganon yata talaga pag Journ, puro sulat. I love you K2 ! We parted ways, with a promise to get together again when our schedules permit. And I’d like to add, when Kia has better parking abilities, haha!


  1. ako rin, walang direksyon ang buhay...hindi lang halata, hehe.

    wow! saan nagwo-work si kia? lilipat na ako diyan!!! hahaha.

  2. sa merck, sharp & dome (?). di ako sure about the spelling e. basta drug-related, wehehe...


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