Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lethargic Me

Hay… I just feel like yawning and stretching my arms all day. If only I can sleep in front of my PC (and my boss)… But we are in the real world so here I am, typing blog materials on my Paleozoic Era-computer and pretending I am indeed doing something productive. Of course, that comes with the requisite minimizing of the “guilty” window/program every time the boss approaches and resuming the whatever-it-is-that-will-not-earn-their-ire work. Hehe, there goes my How To Survive An Office Job tip. (^_^)
Time seems to be ticking too leisurely today. With the restoration of MERALCO’s services going at a snail’s pace and the repair of all things ravaged by Milenyo almost intangible, it’s not too hard to think that Time has gone on vacation.
A completely irrelevant matter I just have to get out of my mind:
I have this vision of Miriam Defensor-Santiago in Madonna garb singing “We are living in billboard hell, and I am a billboard girl…” (demonic laugh here).

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