Friday, October 20, 2006

Marriage, Wedding, and the Whole Damn Thing

One of my closest friends got married last weekend. The affair was simple – no bridal gown, bridesmaid, best man, ring bearer or flower girl, and all the props that come with the thing. It was a civil wedding (Or a wedding presided by a judge or a mayor, as the case may be. “Civil” sounds rather vague, it hints of the existence of an uncivil one, hehe). Only a few sponsors composed the bridal entourage, and a few family members were present.

I was among the few non-members of the couple’s families; indeed, I was invited because I sort of asked to be. It’s a long story, and a complicated one. Some disagreement between my friend and her parents arose, the reason for which is still unclear to me (despite my friend’s attempts to elucidate on the matter). This prompted her to think that she may not have any family member on her side during the ceremony, and so I volunteered to attend.

Theirs is a story with the elements commonly seen in romantic movies. I remember how I played Cupid four years ago. Socio 101 class was a bore (at least the one we attended), and I would always come up with excuses to be absent. I couldn’t understand why she would be enthusiastic to attend class, when she’s not at all a diligent student. Soon she confessed, giggles and all, that she has a crush on a guy in the class a few rooms from ours. In a couple of weeks, she has managed to get the guy’s name, affiliations, his org’s tambayan, and his cellphone number. How she acquired this supernatural sharpness in finding out details is still a mystery to me. Some human beings are more evolved, I must say.

What’s the point of having all that information when they won’t be put to good use, I argued. So in a moment of insanity, she dared me to text him. Such an opportunity to display my talent for mischief was not to be allowed to slip away. And so the rest, as they say, is history.

Despite not having the wedding that they dreamed of, contentment glowed in the newlyweds’ eyes. I still remember how they cuddled their little Plummy (a name of unknown origin, not in the least a derivative of the little creature’s real name), how they held each other’s hand and how they teased each other about their love story. I know they will be happy. After all, it’s not the wedding, but the marriage, that matters.

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