Friday, December 29, 2006


Dear 2006,
I don't normally do this to your kind when you say goodbye. I prefer the commencement, that's why whenever one of you comes, I create a little ode to welcome you into my life. So far I've met 22, including you.

Do not flatter yourself thinking you are special. There were years past more memorable than you. '90, for example, who introduced me to the world of learning. Of course, there's '84, but I can't remember much from him (or her). '97, who gave me the thrill of my first public speaking endeavor which turned out bad, but memorable nonetheless. '01 ushered me into the wonderful universe of college. I can't imagine my life without him/her (Why is it that your gender isn't made clear? Now I'm having a problem with pronouns). Your predecessor '05 escorted me to the quote-unquote real world. You are just continuing what he/she started. So why am I doing this to you?
Well, to be honest, it was you who made me realize that life is better than what I used to believe. My boss is not really cruel, she's just stressed out. My workplace isn't really a jail without bars, it is as it is for me to be more productive, and other realizations that disprove my earlier postulate of the universe conspiring against me.
You taught me to be contented. My spirit still yearns for more, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with the way things are going. My family is healthy, my earthling is adorable, my friends are compassionate. And yes, I've met quite a number of new friends this year. The feeling was almost alien to me, and I'm glad that although we are so different from each other, we manage to get along really well. 
You may not be the best, but you've been good to me. Thanks a lot.
Wishing you well,
Tell 2007 to be good to me too (I'm hoping he/she will be better than you though, hehe!).

earthling et moi

and more friends
ate and the look of the future
Bunso at panganay

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