Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1,051,200 minutes

We’re going two tomorrow. I wonder how we lasted that long. I’m selfish, immature, egoistic, and bossy (A deeper introspection may reveal more negative traits, so I’ll stop there). Of course he has bad traits too, but comparing him to me makes him look like an angel.
Our months together were smooth-sailing. Aside from my occasional (?) tantrums, we never had a fight so huge that it threatened to end our relationship. One friend even advised me to “wage war” with him to build up excitement. I didn’t follow her wise counsel though. I thought it was so Dubya-esque. I couldn’t get the point. Shouldn’t I be envied for having a peaceful time? A fight is a fight; you hurt each other’s feelings in the process, so why engage in an emotional ping-pong just to derive some kind of thrill? Surely, there must be other means of getting that (grin).
Seven things I learned from our seven hundred and thirty days together:
  1. You can’t always get what you want.
  2. Women do not have a monopoly over mood swings.
  3. Prepaid credits matter.
  4. Give your partner/relationship a TREAT -- Time, Respect, Effort, and Trust.
  5. Control your impulses.
  6. It’s not wise to over-intellectualize.
  7. When you’re mad, keep your mouth shut.
There is actually a lot more, but this is getting mushy. Not quite the right topic for Lent...

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