Friday, May 11, 2007

Y2k7 Bug

The election bug has once again bitten Pinoys and infected the country with fever. Except for Kris Aquino’s infanticipating (and premature delivery a week ago), every news item bombarding the nation are election-related. I would have rejoiced if it was still 2004 and I’m a Journalism major struggling with OJT. I remember how I’d be thankful every time news of abducted political candidates reaches the AFP press office where I was assigned. “May mapa-publish na naman,” was the prevailing thought. Of course, I’d wish then that the outlawed groups responsible for the abductions would aim higher and kidnap the big wigs instead of preying on local politicos. Violence instigated by warring political clans also fed us vultures (somebody told me once that journalists are like vultures, they feast on the dead) with meaty scoops.

Well, that was then. Now that I’m a part of the hoi polloi, it is quite easy to be desensitized, ironically, by what we sense through the media.


Still about the elections…

With only a couple of days to go before May 14 (indeed, I should be taking the trip to the province where I will be casting my vote but here I am, cramming blog updates here in Alva’s Philcoa just to delay my trip and avoid knocking on our door at an ungodly hour [there goes the bad habit of kilometric parenthetical remarks I am so fond of committing]), I still couldn’t grasp the principle behind some candidates’ rabid desire to win while pulling off stunts that will lessen the likelihood of their doing so. Like:

1) Hiring bad campaign managers;
2) Coming out with inane political ads and terrible campaign slogans;
3) Playing cheesy jingles dispensed by traffic-causing vehicles;
4) Plastering over-Photoshopped posters all over the place;
5) Figuring in one or more (if the candidate is that bad) scandal/s;
6) Overdoing the “my-rival-is-out-to-get-me” game.

All these are actually products of Item Number 1.

I know we all have been victims of these crimes in one way or another so I don’t really need to cite specifics to support my contention but there’s this one slogan I’m dying to share because it is such a good joke: “BATA, MATALINO, PROGRESIBO AT GUWAPO!”, the last word in fonts larger than the rest. It’s as if the city’s fate depended on his physiognomy. I don’t know about the first three adjectives but judging by the portrait he chose to display, he at least wouldn’t be accused of lying. Or maybe he’s just smart enough to choose a picture of himself when he was young, made more handsome by his progressive use of technology.

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