Sunday, June 03, 2007

Demented Dreams

It was the first day of classes. I was in a classroom with some high school friends I haven’t seen in ages and several JCers (I only remember seeing Virge, Vani, Rhea, Cyril, Paul and Venus).The professor called my name to recite, but I was struck dumb with the unexpected question. Beads of sweat broke in my forehead and as I opened my mouth to answer, he approached closer and transformed into a dark hooded figure. The room darkened and the atmosphere became heavy. Two glints of light pierced the darkness, revealing two redheads holding up their wands. “Expecto Patronum!”
Then I woke up. I couldn’t stop laughing. Being saved by Fred and George Weasley from dementors was surely hilarious. Too bad Harry wasn’t there.

The other day, I dreamt of meeting my colleagues from my first job (who also resigned following my resignation) dining with our former boss. They looked so happy with her, and she seemed fifty pounds lighter. Then we all went to what looked like our office and I took a shower with my clothes on. My officemates never dine with my boss, much less be happy with her. And her losing weight is also out of the question so I knew even before waking up that it was just a dream (haha!).

Ang sama ko. Kaya siguro ako binabangungot.


  1. ei ei ei! cessie babeh, i'm gonna see you soon. good luck and enjoy law school, i'm so proud and happy for you!

    ang cool naman, at least alam mong pang-bestseller ang dreams mo, hihi. extra pa ako =p

    tc always, mwah!

  2. i am one of cess' dream girls. Bow. =p

  3. yup, after 2 years ay magtatagpo nang muli ang ating landas. =p i'm so eggxited!

    thanks! i badly need luck to get by. i don't know about enjoying law school though. teehee. =p


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