Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unconstitutional recit

I just had my longest recit last Tuesday. It sure feels weird to stand for an hour and still manage to come up with decent answers (ngayon lang nangyari yon, haha). Good thing I was the first called to recite because I only read the first part of the assignment.
Before the class started, the prof took a dose of Advil, saying that “We’ll be having a long discussion tonight so you better take yours too.” During the previous session, he told the class, “The purpose of this exercise (recitation) is not to annihilate you, so don’t just stand there and wait to be massacred.” So I couldn’t help but be scared and nervous to death.

I’ve been standing for about 30 minutes, discussing the requirements as to titles of bills passed in Congress. Just when I was about to run out of answers, the discussion took a different turn:

Prof: Ms. ______, what was the last locally produced movie that you saw?
Ako: A Love Story, Sir (with conviction ito).
Prof: So who was the mistress? (the class broke out laughing)
Ako: I’m not supposed to tell Sir. It’s for you to find out (plus a pa-cute grin).
Prof: Don’t you think its premise is crazy? If you have a wife who looks like Angelica Panganiban, why would you want to have an affair with someone as old as Maricel Soriano?
Ako: … (asus, pinanood din pala niya!)

The case, by the way, was Tio vs Videogram Regulatory Board. Petitioner in this case is a businessman engaged in the video production (?) business. He is questioning the constitutionality of Pres. Decree 1987, or “An Act Creating the VRB” particularly Section 10 thereof which provides for the imposition of taxes on all sales of video materials. Petitioner contends that this provision was not included in the title of the said Act and is therefore violative of Article VI, Section 26 of the 1987 Constitution which states that “Every bill passed by the Congress shall embrace only one subject which shall be expressed in the title.”

Hay, suwerte. I just wish all the profs are as cool as Prof. M.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week In The Life (Subtitle: Curacha, Ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga)

Monday. Manic is the word. “Start your week right,” my conscience tells me as she (?) urges me to wake up. 6 seems too indecent a time for someone who sleeps at 2AM. But it’s the department bosses’ weekly meeting and I can’t afford to be late. All right conscience, panalo ka na. Day at work proceeds smoothly; evening at school might not. It’s Persons and Family Relations Day, and the prof seems to hate me.
Tuesday. The alarm clock rings at 6:30. I let it snooze five times until it’s 7. I scramble to the bathroom and fix (or at least try, hehe) my self. I read the Consti cases in the FX and LRT while fighting drowsiness. My only relief is that the professor doesn’t ask for too much details (unlike in Persons). But when I remember his first meeting sound byte, I shudder. “You spent P20,000.00 to be terrorized, no, I don’t want to use that term. Let’s say, ‘lovingly compelled’ instead.” *waah!*
Wednesday. Weekly meeting of the Network’s big wigs. I prepare whatever needs to be prepared and pray that the meeting last for hours. I need all the time in the world to finish the Persons readings I wasn’t able to finish last night. I don’t want to experience the Monday episode again (too shameful to be repeated here). Wait, bakit kailangang matapat sa meeting days ang Persons?
Thursday. Another Consti day, another wisecrack. “Constitutional Law is a beautiful subject. It makes life difficult for everyone.” It’s actually a fun subject, I swear.
Friday. “Thanks God it’s Friday” does not apply. There’s nothing to be thankful about Criminal Law where the class sits for three hours waiting for their turn to be called and argue before/with a Justice of the Sandiganbayan. Each member of the class is called at least twice every meeting. Buti na lang may soft copy ang cases. I can engage in some “guerilla-type” studying in the office.
Saturday. “The week never ends,” as the ABS-CBN plug goes. Nothing can be closer to truth, I say, as I struggle to wake up for my 9AM class. Legal History has been the most neglected subject, it falling on the last day of the week, when all I want to do is relax and see a movie.
Sunday. The time to do reading seriously (read: not in moving vehicles or in the workplace). I try to read amid all the distractions at home but I always end up in bed. Tragic.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I was supposed to post this on my first month as a returning student but I was so busy juggling work and school that I didn’t notice the clock ticking. Now, after a catastrophe called midterms, I’m not sure if I can still say what I said in this one, heehee.

Wow. Isang buwan na ako sa law school. Mga isandaang libong buwan na lang… Sa ngayon, matatawag ko pa ang sarili kong isang SURVIVOR.
School supplies. Ngayon ko lang na-appreciate ang kahalagahan ng binder clips, highlighters, index cards at post-its. Ngayon ko lang din nalaman na may calming effect pala ang isang makulay (punong-puno ng highlights) na readings. Feeling mo talagang nag-aral ka.
Unan at kumot. Ang mga bespren ko nung college ay hindi ko na masyadong nakakaulayaw (Bakit parang bastos pakinggan ang salitang ito? O ako lang yun?). Mukha na naman akong panda!
Recitations. Para sa isang nagtapos sa isang “no-talk” na kurso, ang pagre-recite ay isang kakaibang karanasan. Ibang-iba pala pag nakatayo (di tulad nung college), kadalasan naiiwan ang utak sa upuan. Kung minamalas, matatawag ka pa sa kaisa-isang kasong hindi mo nabasa.
Varicose veins. Resulta ito ng pagtayo nang matagal sa klase na resulta ng hindi pagbabasa na resulta naman ng pagpapaunlak sa tawag ng kama.
Impakto/a. Maraming ganito sa Malcolm Hall. Mangilan-ngilang beses na rin akong muntik nang maluha dahil sa kanila.
Vitamins. If you want to be complete, bawal magkasakit. More energy mas happy!
Oras. Ito ang kaaway ng lahat, lalo na ng mga evening students na katulad ko. Mabilis ang patak ng metro, ika nga.
Raket o Resign. Sa taas ng tuition fee, kailangan talagang maghanap-buhay. Pero sa dami naman ng kailangang basahin/intindihin/pag-aralan, tiyak gugustuhin mong magkulong na lang sa kuwarto o library maghapon.

Hay, nakakabaliw pero nakakaaliw ang mag-aral.