Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unconstitutional recit

I just had my longest recit last Tuesday. It sure feels weird to stand for an hour and still manage to come up with decent answers (ngayon lang nangyari yon, haha). Good thing I was the first called to recite because I only read the first part of the assignment.
Before the class started, the prof took a dose of Advil, saying that “We’ll be having a long discussion tonight so you better take yours too.” During the previous session, he told the class, “The purpose of this exercise (recitation) is not to annihilate you, so don’t just stand there and wait to be massacred.” So I couldn’t help but be scared and nervous to death.

I’ve been standing for about 30 minutes, discussing the requirements as to titles of bills passed in Congress. Just when I was about to run out of answers, the discussion took a different turn:

Prof: Ms. ______, what was the last locally produced movie that you saw?
Ako: A Love Story, Sir (with conviction ito).
Prof: So who was the mistress? (the class broke out laughing)
Ako: I’m not supposed to tell Sir. It’s for you to find out (plus a pa-cute grin).
Prof: Don’t you think its premise is crazy? If you have a wife who looks like Angelica Panganiban, why would you want to have an affair with someone as old as Maricel Soriano?
Ako: … (asus, pinanood din pala niya!)

The case, by the way, was Tio vs Videogram Regulatory Board. Petitioner in this case is a businessman engaged in the video production (?) business. He is questioning the constitutionality of Pres. Decree 1987, or “An Act Creating the VRB” particularly Section 10 thereof which provides for the imposition of taxes on all sales of video materials. Petitioner contends that this provision was not included in the title of the said Act and is therefore violative of Article VI, Section 26 of the 1987 Constitution which states that “Every bill passed by the Congress shall embrace only one subject which shall be expressed in the title.”

Hay, suwerte. I just wish all the profs are as cool as Prof. M.

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