Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week In The Life (Subtitle: Curacha, Ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga)

Monday. Manic is the word. “Start your week right,” my conscience tells me as she (?) urges me to wake up. 6 seems too indecent a time for someone who sleeps at 2AM. But it’s the department bosses’ weekly meeting and I can’t afford to be late. All right conscience, panalo ka na. Day at work proceeds smoothly; evening at school might not. It’s Persons and Family Relations Day, and the prof seems to hate me.
Tuesday. The alarm clock rings at 6:30. I let it snooze five times until it’s 7. I scramble to the bathroom and fix (or at least try, hehe) my self. I read the Consti cases in the FX and LRT while fighting drowsiness. My only relief is that the professor doesn’t ask for too much details (unlike in Persons). But when I remember his first meeting sound byte, I shudder. “You spent P20,000.00 to be terrorized, no, I don’t want to use that term. Let’s say, ‘lovingly compelled’ instead.” *waah!*
Wednesday. Weekly meeting of the Network’s big wigs. I prepare whatever needs to be prepared and pray that the meeting last for hours. I need all the time in the world to finish the Persons readings I wasn’t able to finish last night. I don’t want to experience the Monday episode again (too shameful to be repeated here). Wait, bakit kailangang matapat sa meeting days ang Persons?
Thursday. Another Consti day, another wisecrack. “Constitutional Law is a beautiful subject. It makes life difficult for everyone.” It’s actually a fun subject, I swear.
Friday. “Thanks God it’s Friday” does not apply. There’s nothing to be thankful about Criminal Law where the class sits for three hours waiting for their turn to be called and argue before/with a Justice of the Sandiganbayan. Each member of the class is called at least twice every meeting. Buti na lang may soft copy ang cases. I can engage in some “guerilla-type” studying in the office.
Saturday. “The week never ends,” as the ABS-CBN plug goes. Nothing can be closer to truth, I say, as I struggle to wake up for my 9AM class. Legal History has been the most neglected subject, it falling on the last day of the week, when all I want to do is relax and see a movie.
Sunday. The time to do reading seriously (read: not in moving vehicles or in the workplace). I try to read amid all the distractions at home but I always end up in bed. Tragic.

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