Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost Perfect

My leave was approved, there were no classes in Legal Bibliography and Consti (although the circumstances were not exactly great – we only had LegBib sessions thrice so far, and for Consti, Prof M was sick) and I was barraged with text greetings from friends I haven’t heard from in ages. The day had the makings of an ideal birthday. Until I heard the sad news.

Well, I guess things are not supposed to be perfect. Just the same, I thank the Universe for giving me another good year. Thank you po.

The day after
I really didn’t want to attend Persons because I fell asleep halfway through the first case (I just didn’t feel like studying on the night of my birthday) and I know by experience that going to class unprepared is the worst thing you can do. But then, I was already absent the previous session so I let the Soul Sisters (Jan & Christine C.) convince me to go to class. Lahat naman daw kami hindi nagbasa, hehe…
At the start of the class Prof R announced, "Someone's celebrating her birthday today." I didn't pay attention to my blockmates who were all staring at me. My birthday was over, the prof was probably referring to somebody from the second years. Perhaps annoyed by my dedma attitude, she said "You're denying it's your birthday Ms. ___?" I said "Ma'am, it's actually yesterday." She answered that when it's your birthday you're supposed to celebrate it for a week (magastos yata masyado yun).
So the class went on like it usually does, except I wasn't called for recit (Agnes says it's probably Prof R's gift for my birthday). When the class was about to end, Prof R said "we will extend a little to see what your blockmates prepared for your birthday" and led the class in singing the Happy Birthday song. Then Christian brought out this cute cake from...I forgot, but it was heavenly. =) It was the ultimate "awww" moment and I wasn't able to keep my tears from flowing. Nakakainis, di pa naman bagay sakin ang umiyak. Prof R shared the cake with us and greeted me again and for a while she was my favorite prof (ahaha!).
I *heart* my blockmates! =)

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