Wednesday, May 28, 2008

James Blunt Live in Manila

Tin, JD, Golda, Agnes and Oliver, Kelly, Zara and moi trooped to Araneta Coliseum last May 19 to see James Blunt perform. Because we got hold of the tickets late (tapos nagpasundo pa si Golda, nagpapedicure si Agnes at naligo pa si Tin), we were only able to catch the last five or so songs. It was worth it though. James (heehee, first name basis) definitely rocks! And oh, have I mentioned? We got the tix for free!


  1. hanglapit niyo! ang ganda ng pics!

    thanks so much cess!! :)

    p.s. fyi, hindi pako naligo nag pa gas lang hehe

  2. a, ganon ba? kaya pala, ehehe.
    joke! =)


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