Monday, November 24, 2008

new theme

I woke up early to study for Credit Transactions but I ended up searching the web for a new Multiply theme. Umalingawngaw na naman sa isip ko ang aking mantra, “Time you enjoyed wasting is time not wasted.” (salamat, John Lennon.) Why can I stay up for extra-curricular activities but not for reading cases?

Hahay. I’m too tired to read. My rayuma is on the offensive again because ot the two games of basketball we played for Courts of Law yesterday. Yes, the Queen of Sedentary Lifestyle moi played ball without even warming up. Hayan, sakit tuloy ng katawan ang inabot. At least I’ve done some of the stuff I never thought I could do:

1. Be in a game and not be a cheerer
2. Be in court and enjoy
3. Exercise!
4. Masapak si Golda (tama bang i-foul ang team mate?)

Masaya pala mag-jogging sa court, haha.
Buti na lang naka-score sila Golda at Tin, we won against Block C. =)


  1. amishu cessiebaby! :) yes to exercise. kita tayo soon!

  2. cess the best rebounder! sabi mo di ka naghahawak ng bola, eh hanep ka pala sa pag agaw ng bola!

    mare, di padin ako makaayat ng hagdan ng hindi uma-"aruy".

    but here's to doing more stuff we never thought we could. ;)

  3. uy rhea, welkam bak! miss ko na rin kayo. onga, kita tayo. =)


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