Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don’t Bore Us – Get to the chorus! Roxette's Greatest Hits

Genre: Other
Artist:Roxette (1995)
When they say “greatest hits,” they mean it. I fell in love with this CD from the Swedish duo Roxette the first time I heard it. And why not? The album includes some of their most popular hits like The Look, Dangerous, Dressed for Success and Vulnerable, heartbreak hymns It Must Have Been Love, You Don’t Understand Me, Spending My Time, and the little-known yet overly heartrending Crash! Boom! Bang! (Cos every time I seem to fall in love / Crash! Boom! Bang!/ I find the heart but then I hit the wall / Crash! Boom! Bang!/ That's my real middle-name / It has always been the same…), all guaranteed to get anyone singing along. Sunshine-y ditties June Afternoon, Joyride, The Big L and How Do You Do complete the collection.

With all these hits, Roxette doesn’t really have to enjoin us to get to the chorus. Too bad they didn’t stay long enough to give us more.

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