Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gobbledygook (or words of a perfectly perplexed person parrying patois)

Pactum commissorium!
This is not a spell from the world of Harry Potter. This is just one of the many alien terminologies in law that make its study harder than it already is -– antichresis, dacion en pago, usufruct, commodatum. There are those that seem harmless enough because of common usage but are actually more toxic than the foreign-language stuff -- insurance, possession, loan, mortgage, agency, partnership.

The key, one of my professors said, is to consult a dictionary. But alas, the definition provides more questions than answers, and one ends up jumping from one entry to another in the search for meaning. A student may a) rely on context clues, or b) continue reading as if the abstruse term does not exist. Doing any of these will definitely shorten the time spent on reading, which, being inversely proportional to the time for R&R, makes the aforementioned options very attractive. And yes, will also increase the chances of one being Avada Kedavraed by the professor come recitation time.


  1. patay na ba ang blog na to?

  2. di pa naman, naghihingalo lang. haha. sino itetch?


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