Thursday, May 14, 2009

Punta Fuego Weekend Trip, Day 2 (10May2009)

Tin, Lou, JD, Gian and Agnes had an early morning walk, Patty slept her hangover and April her brewing flu, and Golda and moi prepared breakfast.

After the sumptuous breakfast with Kahlua and vodka (we are not alcoholics, really), we trooped to the beach to swim once more and well, do choreographed jump shots.

Quote of the day was utterred by the talented Ms. Lacson.

Tin/Ags/Gian/Lou/Cess/Golda (it could have been any of us): Isa pa, nakababa na si ____.
April: Mga baliw! Pinapahirapan nyo ako!


  1. kaninong gang ka pupusta? hahaha. i so love this picture.

  2. tama si patty, parang dynasty lang haha


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