Saturday, July 16, 2011

Signal Fire

I heard a song on the radio this morning and it reminded me of you. Curious why RX played it now when it is not in their current playlist. It is an old song, by pop music stations' standards. You introduced it to me three years ago.

Three years. It's been that long but I still remember every detail of our story. My version, at least. :-) Starbucks. Group studies. Pablo Neruda. I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame, but unlike the moth I wasn't driven to destruction. Your brightness was illuminating, your passion for life was contagious. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have survived another year of law school. You would patiently discuss our lessons with me and together we hurdled exams designed to bleed our brains dry. I scored a pretty decent grade that semester. I was busy gloating, I think I may have forgotten to give credit where it is due. Well, it's not too late. Thank you.

But some good things never last. Life happened. We each have to battle our personal demons. "We have to fix ourselves outside of each other to evolve into the persons we can be," as you put it. (You always have a better way of saying things.)

I kinda miss us but I'm not wishing for us to happen again. I'm happy with the way things are going for you and I'm proud of what you have accomplished so far. I know you are destined to accomplish more. It is also nice to have these memories to look back to. They're bittersweet. Ain't I lucky? Some people just turn bitter. Hahaha.

Sorry for the sudden outburst. I was just overwhelmed I guess. Enough to write a long remembrances of sorts. All because of the song I heard on the radio this morning.


Signal Fire
Snow Patrol

The perfect words never crossed my mind,
Cause there was nothin' in there but you.
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me.
All I wanted just sped right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out.

There you are standing right in front of me
There you are standing right in front of me
All this fear falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close, cause I need you to guide me to safety.

No, I won't wait forever [x2]

In the confusion and the aftermath,
You are my signal fire.
The only resolution and the only joy,
Is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes.

[Chorus (x2)]

No, I won't wait forever [x3] 

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