Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cosmic Correspondence

Dear Universe,

A funny thing happened while I was on Facebook today. I've been morose for the past two weeks over some unmet expectations, and so I was quite surprised with the way I reacted when I saw this thing on my Wall. You see, this thing is the very reason why I got disappointed, why my self-esteem hit rock-bottom, why I was miserable. In a span of 120 seconds, a spectrum of emotions engulfed my heart (oh yes, I have one) that ultimately gave me the serenity I haven't known for days.

At first I laughed so hard, not realizing that I was laughing at some bad joke where I was the punch line. Then I shrugged, singing "if it makes you happy it can't be that bad." The shrugging must have caused my emotional baggage to fall because I felt relieved afterwards. I stopped cursing fates, made peace with the self I've been berating for committing such an epic idiocy, forgave the one who has been reckless with my feelings, and acknowledged that I may have been reckless, too.

Someone said that love is magical when it is the truth. I'm lucky to have experienced such magic before, and I now realize that to attain it one must be patient, one must not compel another to conjure affections where there is none, to mistake lust for love. The truth is out there. I'm no longer in a rush to meet mine since I know I have better things to do (like study for Evidence midterms). But should you decide to give it to me now you wouldn't hear me complain. :)


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