Monday, August 08, 2011

gradpic grumbles

I wasn't supposed to have my gradpic taken yet, since I won't be part of this year's graduating batch, but when I found out that everyone in my block (those delayed included) is having theirs already, eh sasabay na rin ako. Who would want to be in a yearbook where the only person you know is your self?

The past couple of days have been spent on thinking of ideas for the creative shot. Never mind that I actually have a lot of academic issues to think about, and that I have to take them seriously to be able to graduate and deserve a page on the yearbook. Anyway, the creative shot. I don't want a repeat of my undergrad creative shot which wasn't really creative, since i didn't prepare for it and only wore what props the photographers had.

My options so far are the following:

because I love Audrey Hepburn...

or this. Talk about minimalism.

uh, probably not

Maybe a super heroine?
Ding, ang bato...

or go the anime route:
 Sailor Moon

This one's gonna be DIFFICULT.
"My hair is too heavy I couldn't smile."

Pwede ring when-I-grow-up mode:
Because this is what I will become if I don't graduate. *evil laugh*

E yung ganito na lang?
Que horror!

Better ideas, anyone?

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