Sunday, August 21, 2011


You don’t cry, you don’t care
Afraid to have a love affair…
Maroon 5 is playing again. It's been playing everywhere -- on my phone, my laptop, my office PC. I wasn’t a fan until I saw them perform three months ago, with you. I really thought that was the beginning of something. To be honest, there was no spark, or magic, or romcom what-have-yous when we first met. You were reeling from a break-up, I was suffering from a bad case of infatuation. Misery loves company, so they say. Then we hit it off. You said you like me. Would it be ok if I court you? I didn’t know how to react so I feigned indifference. Why would you do that? 

I'm not falling in love with ya, I'm not falling in love
'til I get a little more from you baby…

It happened so fast, I needed to be sure. Hundreds of text messages and scores of  phone calls later, I thought I was certain. I tried to tell you but another uncertainty troubled me. You didn’t seem to be interested anymore. Suddenly the SMS and calls ceased. No explanations, no goodbyes. You just perished into oblivion. A few days later you went from “single” to “in a relationship”. Oh, the inconstancy of human emotions! 

You take my hand just to give it back
No other lover has ever done that  

Still I listen. For although the songs remind me so much of you, I cannot give up the aural pleasure they provide just yet.

I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
So this is goodbye.


  1. inuman na. just say when (basta after your evidence midterms ;) ).

    ...pwede din videoke (at inuman) tapos puro maroon 5 songs (if i never see your face again, nothing lasts forever, better that we break, ..).

  2. Gusto ko yan, haha. Basta after Tax & Evidence midterms. :)


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