Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Registration Rantage

So here I am, on my fifth year and has been tagged “graduating”, still struggling to get a slot in a first year subject. Oh, Criminal Law 2, I’ve waited 5 years just to take you. It’s probably my fault; I was too presumptuous to think that I’d win a slot even with a single bid point since I (stupidly believed) enjoyed a priority status.

Wait, bid? Yes, students bid for subjects, like collectors do in Sotheby’s or Christies (sushal). It’s kinda hard to explain the system to regular students who just choose the class to enlist in depending mostly on two factors – schedule and teacher’s popularity. UP Law had this novel registration system in place two years ago, during Dean Leonen’s first year as dean. Under the system, each student is given 20 points per unit of subject s/he intends to take which s/he will use to bid for a particular subject. But the rule is not simply highest-bidder-wins, as the system is built on a set of priorities depending on the student’s year level and shift. Since I am too lazy to explain, here’s Ms Batnag’s blog entry to elucidate on the matter --

These were my bids.

 I won a slot in every section but Crim 2 (Law 110). The system gave me these instead:



Buti nga, anyabang kasi. Haha.

But since this is law school, we are somewhat keen on insisting what’s best for us and are expected to make the most out of the due process thing –- appeals. I appealed, saying that  the section awarded to me could not be accommodated by my work schedule, which is true. And I remember Prof. VAA saying last sem that “You enrolled to become lawyers so it’s understood that when push comes to shove, your work gives way.” Her advice is well-taken but it’s a Catch-22 for me. Work pays for school, so no work = no school.

My appeal was denied, BTW. Hoping for better news tomorrow.

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