Friday, November 04, 2011

Registration Relief (bleh, cheesy title yet again)

And now, the second part of the misadventure-that-was-enrollment for my supposed last sem in school were it not for my innate delinquent tendencies.

The denial of my appeal the previous day dampened my spirit (ako na ang emotera) and made me decide to just enlist on the last day instead, bahala na si Batman. But at around 2PM, Evening Batch Rep Aict texted me that the Crim 2 section I wanted had available slots left. Whether somebody changed his/her mind or dropped from the section, I didn’t know. The news kept my hopes up, but to be able to enlist, I had to clear my liabilities at Vinzons Hall. The line at the Student Services & Scholarships office was long and winding. Well, UP transforms into University of Pila every enrollment. Good thing the men and women of OSSS are efficient and cheerful to boot, I was given a payment slip in no time.

But the pila at PNB was another story. Magulo na, mabagal pa. And I arrived there at 4:15PM! I was able to pay 30 minutes later, took a cab from Shopping Center to Malcolm  (dahil one-way traffic sa Oval) then ran to Vinzons OSSS again to have my record cleared. At Malcolm there were 10 students queued outside the Office of the College Secretary, although it was then 4:55 PM. Anxiety was setting in. Oh no, baka mag-close na ang OCS/maubusan ako ng Crim 2 slots. I’m dead. Good thing OCS determined to finish with all the waiting students and we were done by 6PM.

Like most of my Malcolm contemporaries, it feels a little strange that Prof. SFL is no longer behind the College Sec’s desk. The new College Sec is nice naman and she took the time to check each student’s issues and even advised one student against canceling an elective “kasi magandang subject yan (Remedial Law Review).” Imagine the stress the student felt when another student told her that the subject would be taught by Prof. VAA. LOL.

Anyhoo, seems like I have to make the most out of my last few days of freedom. Tanduay Ice, here I come! 

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