Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Room for Rant

an edited version of photo from this website
This morning I texted our landlady to report the busted bathroom lights. Two hours later, I got this reply:
“Ok na ilaw sa T&B. BTW, ilan ba nagoocupy sa room nyo kc maraming shoes/slippers sa labas. U rented it for 2 persons only. Di pwd sleepover wc u signed sa terms & conditions. D h20 & electric consumption kc lumalaki kpg dumarami tao. Hope u understand. Tnx.”
I was aghast. Grabe. Asking is very different from accusing. Pag maraming tsinelas, boarders agad? Hindi ba pwedeng marami lang talagang tsinelas? Sabi nga ni Bunso, “Ay naku. Ano ba sya, bobo o mukhang pera? Bakit, tig-isang pair lang ba tayo ng tsinelas/sapatos? E pano yung kabilang room, walang tsinelas sa labas. Ibig sabihin walang tao?”

It would be very uncharacteristic for me to reply in a rude manner so I just texted back -- “Hi po. 2 lang po kami, we just leave our shoes and slippers outside so as not to get the room dirty. Wala po kasi kaming time to clean everyday. I always text you naman po whenever my mom is in town to let you know that she’ll be staying with us.”

Hayun, hindi na sumagot si loka. Kainis lang talaga. Grrrr.

I dunno why I got so irked to the point that I have to waste a few minutes of my time to blogrant about it. Hayayay. Bad trip ka ‘teh. Alam mo yun?


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  1. ay naku. echoserang palaka. hindi ba pwede ang maraming pambili ng shoes?


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