Monday, January 09, 2012

2011: A Space Odyssey (pasintabi kay Stanley Kubrick)

Wow. The Universe granted me another year on Earth. Awesome! To bid 2011 farewell and to welcome the new year, I'm making a descriptive list of the year that was, hoping that 2012 would be as random. :)

1. The Heartbreak Year. I suffered three major heartbreaks during the first two quarters of it but in hindsight, I was just being overly emo and I concede that I suffered only one. But still, it's enough to last a lifetime.

2. The Hold-On-Tight-We're-Nearly-There Year. Fourth Year! Deym. Whowuddavthunk. And I thought I'd get kicked out in first year. Heehee.

3. The New Block Year. I still love E2012 but the people of E2013 are really nice and I've been in their classes for most of 2011. Nothing beats the butt-burning/brain-draining sessions with Prof. VAA as the ultimate bonding experience.

4. The Goodbye Trabaho Year. Well, almost. :)

5. The Getting Married/Getting Babies Year. This year saw a lot of walking down the aisle and lying in delivery rooms among friends, classmates and colleagues. I do like to experience these milestones in the future, but yeah, not necessarily in that order.

6. The Homecoming Year. My dad, who only gets to spend two months every two years with us is home for the holidays, my week-long VL was granted, and I got to spend it at home with the family. :)

7. The Back-to-Blog Year. 2010 was a blackhole, so the 18 random rantage that I managed to post in 2011 was an achievement. Before Facebook and Twitter, there was Blogger. Less interactive, but definitely has more room for "crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." #KahlilGibran #WhoSaysICan'tDoHashtagOnBlogger

So there. Hello, 2012. Please be nice. I promise that I won't be as obnoxious as the person that I was last year. :) It's gonna be legendary!

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