Saturday, March 10, 2012


In February, my boss turned 60 and opted to retire. She could have extended her tenure for another five years but she said she had other plans. At first I surmised it was the deluge of complications that the Entertainment TV Group was burdened with in recent months that made her decide to leave, but knowing what she had to go through to establish ETV, I perished the thought. She is one of the strongest women I know. She once remarked that she eats stress for breakfast. With the cutthroat industry we are in, that is actually an understatement.

I was a newbie when the movie The Devil Wears Prada hit the theaters. A colleague told me and my boss’ assistant to watch it. “I’m sure makaka-relate kayo,” she said. Watch it, I did. From then on, I would describe my job to anyone who asked in the following manner: “Kung napanood mo yung The Devil Wears Prada, ako si Anne Hathaway,” usually followed by the disclaimer, “Pero hindi ko sinasabing devil yung boss ko ha.” The comparison is brought about by the fact that like Miranda Priestly, my boss had two persons assisting her -- an executive assistant and an executive secretary. I was the latter.

WVG, as she is referred to, has quirks not entirely dissimilar from Meryl Streep’s Miranda. (I wonder why bosses are called by their initials. It makes them sound inhuman. In my boss’ case, it’s harder to pronounce the initials -- 5 syllables -- as compared to just calling her Ma’am Wilma. Anyway...). She is also perceived as mataray and icy in the workplace and people allegedly avoid being in the same elevator as she is (this is hearsay, hahaha). She doesn't hesitate to let you know she’s upset and in my almost six years of being with her, I have been at the receiving end of such outbursts quite a number of times. I have no personal knowledge as to the brand of clothing she dons, but I’m pretty sure she wears Prada, too.

The similarities end there. Unlike other female executives who suffer from queen bee syndrome, WVG is motherly. She values her people and makes sure these diamonds-in-the-rough are polished the right way to shine brightest. Watching all the tribute videos for her during the past week made me realize just how lucky I am to have been given the chance to work with her. It is unfortunate that I didn’t have much interest in TV production and opted to devote my time to law school instead.

That's a peace sign, not sungay. Seriously.
It’s been two weeks now and I've gotten used to the empty room she once occupied. I still feel a bit of separation anxiety and pangs of nostalgia every now and then, but I don’t feel the urge to cry anymore (True story!).

Well, very good.*

*A line from the tribute video shown during WVG’s birthday party, supposedly signifying the other meaning of her initials.


I just celebrated my sixth year with the Kapuso Network last week. Well, not quite. Things like these usually go by unnoticed. Perhaps the appropriate word is “remembered.” Six years. Whowuddavthunk.

Below is the video our HR prepared last year for those who weathered five, ten, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years in service.

If you can spot me your eyes are healthy. Chos.


  1. Cess, naka-relate ka talaga kay Anne Hathaway ha! I am glad you made 6 years despite law school and me. Hahhahhah! - WVG

  2. Ganda naman nakaka-relate ako! True!!! We are lucky indeed! I love the pic you posted but why is the video not available? Anyway... am the culprit! Am the one who shared to WVG your latest tweet. Hehehe... kaya wag madadala o magsasawa sa pag sabi sa akin - "teh read my latest tweet!" Sorry late comment post and dont get mad coz am sharing it to others also. Happy 6th year! Kung ako kinaya ko ng 16year (combined as talent and RF), keri mo din! Love you Cess! ÜTeCHENGK$Ü


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