Friday, May 25, 2012

Batugan is such a sad word.

And my SLR (Supervised Legal Research, or mini thesis) adviser used it on me. Ouch. Hindi man lang tamad, batugan talaga agad?

The conversation went this way:
Cess: Hi Sir!
Prof. SFL: Uy! Kumusta?
Cess: Eto Sir, wala pa ring SLR.
Prof. SFL: Batugan ka kasi e. Set your priorities!
Cess: Magsa-submit po talaga ako after OLA.
Prof. SFL: Hmm, narinig ko na yan.

Oh dear. Why am I having a hard time working on my paper? I chose the topic, it was approved, and I submitted an abstract which was also accepted without any revision or violent reaction whatsoever. All I have to do is write the effing thing.

Batugan. I don’t think anybody ever called me that except my mom probably 20 years ago, when I refused to do household chores because I was reading the Bible. You see, it wasn’t even that bad. I was busy saving my soul!

Grabe ka Sir. Working  Employed student po ako. But it was my fault. I shouldn’t have brought that topic up. Tanga rin e.

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