Saturday, May 26, 2012

Over Sa Ganda: My OSG Experience

         “Ano naman ang gagawin mo sa OSG?” my former boss said as I informed her that I will be on leave from work for three weeks to have my internship. I didn’t know what to answer because frankly, I had no idea what an internship with the Office of the Solicitor General would entail. 

Uhm, probably not that.
 I have only heard of the OSG mostly from annulment cases, as the kontrabida that would not allow estranged couples to lead separate, happy lives. Also, being in the first batch of interns from the UP Office of Legal Aid (OLA), I was just eager to experience something out of the ordinary OLA duty. From what we heard from previous interns under the regular OSG Summer Internship Program, it would be fun “kasi maraming field trip”.

Tanggapan ng Taga-usig Panlahat
Of course, as an OLA intern, I was not so enthusiastic about these alleged field trips since I expected to labor under entirely different circumstances. The fact that we are called externs made me think that we will be excluded from whatever is planned for the rest of the interns. Also, most of us OLA interns are graduating students, so I thought a lot more is expected from us and that the standards would be higher. Fortunately, we were included in the activities set for the regular interns, which I highly appreciate. If not for this internship, I wouldn’t have been able to visit various agencies that I have no business to be in (as yet).

Bilibid... Or Not.

Ombudspeople. LOL.
with the Sandiganbayan Justices

Court of Appeals

Supreme Court

Because I would be spending shorter time with the Office, I took it upon myself to ask for more work from the lawyers in my division (Ignacio Villamor Division). During the course of my three-week stay, I was able to prepare various legal memoranda in aid of the cases being handled by the Division. I also wrote two Comments, a Memorandum, and an Appellant’s Brief, all filed with the CA and the SC. I am proud to say that my output required minimal revisions from my supervising lawyers, despite not having any prior experience in writing pleadings.

My three weeks with the OSG have been well-spent. I made new friends, learned a lot from the lawyers and staff and more importantly, I learned more about the law firm of the Republic and how important its role is as an instrument of social justice. So the next time someone asks me what is there to do in the OSG, I will proudly say, “Serve the country.”

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