Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Revelations. And more.

The other day I got the best advice ever. It came from a good friend whom I haven’t seen in ages, the one who scolded me for trying to pursue someone when I know I won’t be able to deal with what other people would think. Which means I’m such a conceited bitch for thinking that people actually care about my decisions in life. Anyway. We were chatting the other day and I got into talking about this person who has been giving me the opposite of loneliness for the past few weeks. Again, my fear, or hesitation, of being involved in a socially unacceptable “circumstance” resurfaced.

“Maiksi lang ang buhay. Find your happy place and have the courage to stay.”

Happiness is always a form of courage. I will not fear other people’s judgment. I will not care. I will embrace this chance to be genuinely happy. [Repeat 528,467 times] 

“I need to know all about your life and the things you love and the things you’ve seen… There will never be enough time.”

Because I don’t talk much. I hate the sound of my voice and my short tongue that makes it impossible to enunciate properly. So I’d rather not talk.

1. I drink a lot. Well, not really. But I always end up the first to get wasted. Because I don’t sing during videoke sessions and I don’t talk much.  It all boils down to my apparent incapacity to communicate with human beings, which nicely segues to number 2.

2. I love cats. Because they understand without me having to say anything. Because they are content with neck and tummy rubs that I give whenever I feel like it. Because they’re not attention whores. Because they give me warmth.

3. I love old stuff. Old movies, old books, old buildings, old music. Anything old. Except dirty old men.

4. I love history, mainly because of number three.
5. I hate Math. Which is not as interesting as when someone says I love Math.

6. I am very secretive. I once got into an accident in high school (tricycle collided with an owner-type jeep, I was thrown out and almost got run over by a bus) and I did not tell my mom. She only learned about it when the tricycle driver’s mom asked her how I was a few days later. I would have been a very good member of the US military during DADT’s heyday. Kidding.

7. I am a middle child. Which means… I don’t know if it means anything.

8. I majored in Journalism but I commit the most horrendous grammar mistakes very often.

9. (Related to number 6) I have major trust issues. “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

10. I can go on and on. This is why testimonial evidence is presented through Q&A, to keep the witness from unnecessary rambling.


What is love like?
“Love is like a frog that jumps in my heart,” so says my college roommate who was quoting someone from her grade school slum book. Hahaha. A friend who's taking her masters was also asked this question in class and one of her classmates said "Love is the emotional equivalent of gravity." Whattup.

I guess it’s like medicine. Sometimes you need it, sometimes you don’t. It makes you feel better, but too much can kill you. Ugh. Not clever enough.

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