Monday, July 30, 2012

dimwit's desktop

This is how my office desktop looks at the moment:

If I had a boyfriend... *sigh*

Friday, July 27, 2012

the pursuit of happiness

OMG. I want this book.

I was not born with your language (or, Insecurities)

I was not born with your language
Yours is meant for deities
Mine is the language of mortals
Simple, normal, practical, banal.

I was not born with your language
You string words like daisy chain
Pretty, fragile, sometimes full of pain
I forge mine like steel -- cold, hard, unfeeling.

I was not born with your language
I do not write poems of longing, loving, losing.
I cannot write you odes like the poetess
Who caressed you with her words.

I was not born with your language
You were not born with mine
How do we make this last
When we speak in different tongues?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

erase and rewind


I've changed my mind
I take it back...

So I  resurrected the old blog name and its URL. I thought of importing Blogger to Tumblr but it's too much effort. Well.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

oh my gulay, it's July!

I missed RemLaw. Again. It's a 4-unit course, so we're probably allowed 8 absences max (this I have to check). The cough has refused to leave me and the contractions are causing too much abdominal pain. I'm developing a six-pack. Haha. Why the virus chose to get me during the first week of school, I have no idea. Usually it's during the midterms or finals. Never fails. I am always sick during exam time. The Universe has been very good to me because I manage to pass somehow. Blessed, I am.

Hay, RemLaw. Pogi pa naman yung prof.


Now I really have to submit that position paper for OLA or else Prof. Umbridge will kill me. Or flunk me. Whatever. I have been so out of sorts since... asdfghjklzxcvbnm,./

This feeling reminds me of Titanic. The watertight compartment doors must be closed!