Thursday, July 05, 2012

oh my gulay, it's July!

I missed RemLaw. Again. It's a 4-unit course, so we're probably allowed 8 absences max (this I have to check). The cough has refused to leave me and the contractions are causing too much abdominal pain. I'm developing a six-pack. Haha. Why the virus chose to get me during the first week of school, I have no idea. Usually it's during the midterms or finals. Never fails. I am always sick during exam time. The Universe has been very good to me because I manage to pass somehow. Blessed, I am.

Hay, RemLaw. Pogi pa naman yung prof.


Now I really have to submit that position paper for OLA or else Prof. Umbridge will kill me. Or flunk me. Whatever. I have been so out of sorts since... asdfghjklzxcvbnm,./

This feeling reminds me of Titanic. The watertight compartment doors must be closed!



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