Friday, August 03, 2012


They say man’s nature is to merge
Wanting, needing to be part of something
How is it possible to lose this urge
And just stop caring?

The earth spins blighted on its axis
Everything becomes a senseless blur
How is it possible to take this crisis
And just stop caring?

Ideals held dear are forgotten in a shrug
Craving to rest from a senseless battle
How is it possible to hoist a white flag
And just stop caring?

We have so much to offer but we’ve grown weary
Of the world’s miseries and spite
How is it possible to look on merely
And just stop caring?

*Because she said she doesn’t care about anything the way she used to. And I didn’t go to class because I thought it was pointless. It was one of those days.


To prove my point.  

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