Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life is a game show

At least my law school life is. 

Elements of a game show:
1. People hoping to win big
2. Questions getting increasingly difficult as the level goes up
3. People making total fools of themselves
4. Copious display of human hopes and disappointments

See?!?! Law school is one big game show. With no lights, cameras, and gyrating girls.

At this point I'm choosing to deal. Not "deal" as in accepting The Banker's offer and ending the game. Well, kind of but not really end end. Just Drop Everything And Live (D.E.A.L. Heh, terminal corniness). Cue music: When the pimp's in the crib ma / Drop it like it's hot / Drop it like it's hot / Drop it like it's hot... I'm dropping a couple of subjects this semester to be able to breathe. When I decided to drop RemLaw Review I sent a text blast to a few friends to explain. I really didn't owe anyone an explanation but I felt such decision would matter to them, this being my supposed last sem in Malcolm Hall. 

It happens that I am tired of being a law student (cf. Neruda, Walking Around). I wanted to stop whining about it since I am graduating, for fuck's sake, and my blockmates have gotten over this issue ages ago (duh, most of them have graduated). Also I have repeatedly ranted about it in this blog and elsewhere, i.e., Tin's car. Law school has become a sort of agony, I wasn't enjoying it anymore, reading in moving vehicles and elevators is suddenly stupid, I was getting sick all the time, I was dragging myself to class, most of the time unsuccessfully,  I was questioning the whole point of being in it. It wasn't like that before. Yes, I'm not a fan of classes, but I only used up the free cuts (except for Corpo which I didn't attend after the midterms because the professor did not check attendance anyway, haha). 

So there. I'm dropping 50% of my units this sem. Is that allowed? I don't know. One thing is for sure. I am not quitting.

And that's my final answer.


  1. unfortunately i am not among those who have gotten over that issue (along with many others hehe) ages ago. i feel you. pero oo nga pa-advice ka kaya muna kay sfl if ever re the units thing? otherwise, suportahan taka teh. say it with me, slow but sure and still (relatively) sane. lezgow. - tin


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