Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Renounced Resolutions

And just like that, it’s August. Well, there’s nothing special about this month, I think. It just makes me feel uneasy about the thought of midterm exams, and that I’m too far into 2012 and yet I haven’t done ANY of my New Year’s Resolutions, to wit: 

And I listed them a couple of weeks late.

I promise to do better this year:
1. Reduce petiks time.
2. Quit surfing during office hours.
3. Study at home; work at work.
4. Reduce shower time.
5. Read faster. The faster you finish, the more sleep you get.
6. No more absences!
7. Play more.
8. Save! 

Fail on every single one. Major fail re absences. Barely a third of the semester has lapsed and I have exhausted all the allowable absences in RemLaw, only one left for Nego and three for CrimLawRev. Yes, I’m counting. “Ipinaglaban ‘yan (maximum number of absences) ng mga predecessors natin kaya dapat i-maximize.” I can’t remember who said this brilliant line to me in undergrad. Dude, if I flunk any of my subjects this sem, it’s gonna be your fault. But I can’t make you pay ‘cause I don’t remember who you are. Oh well.

CAVEAT: This is the part where I will try to rationalize/justify/make excuses. I am not exactly delinquent. Three of my absences in RemLaw were incurred due to OLA. I mean, I can’t let the clients lose because I have no time to work on their cases, right? And my being a working student is not an excuse. Nobody asked me to sign up for this. I brought this upon myself. Because I am masochistic. The two others, because I was sick, and the last one was, uhm, TMI.

Oh. I think I’m doing awesomely with respect to #7. Yay! 


  1. What was the last one? Your readers demand to know! ;p

    1. Mr. ToS, thank you for your interest. Hahaha.


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