Tuesday, September 04, 2012

i really should be working

Things I should stop doing in the office:
1. Facebook
2. Eating poetry
3. Virtual stalking her
4. Listening to Philip Glass' Mad Rush
5. Pressing the "Ignore" button when the phone rings
6. Worrying about _____ and ______
7. Blogging
I've been doing all of the above for the past couple of weeks, resulting in piles upon piles of files to file (Ehehe, couldn't help it.) and a suddenly active blog. The probability of HRD and/or ICT issuing a memo to this effect: "You are not paid to surf the internet, you dumbass!" is getting higher by the day. Unjust enrichment. Yeahboi. Maybe I should ask the IT guys to cut off my internet. Nah, that would be too great a loss. I need it, although it's not exactly doing me good. Just like...



Two pleadings and three PSMs in one week. What to do? What to do?
Work! Duh.


I should be stronger than this. But

“I’ve had it with all stingy-hearted sons of bitches. A heart is to be spent.”
~ Stephen Dunn, Different Hours

Not a miser with feelings anymore. Yay! *hugs self*

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