Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bakit kulot?

I decided to have my hair curled. It’s weird, how all my life I’ve been struggling to keep them straight. See, my hair is not straight but it’s not curly. It’s somewhere in the middle, unruly waves and tikwas all over. Naturally sabog is how I describe it. Like my mom’s, but she keeps her hair short. Every year I would spend Php2,000 – Php 3,000 to have my hair straightened and for the first few weeks my hair is shampoo commercial-material. Then life happens and boom, it’s sabog again. This year is particularly bad. I had my last rebond last February and by June I had to have my hair in a pony all the time. The hair chemicals didn’t even last six months.

I’ve wanted a new hairdo since last year, but with my physical features I don’t really have much to choose from. I would have wanted to get a pixie cut para tipid sa shampoo but you have to be really really really pretty to pull that off. Like Emma Watson or Natalie Portman. Or Tin Leones (aylabyu mare!). And I remember Boy Abunda’s interview with Rosanna Roces from waaaaaay back (I was in grade school, may career pa si Osang) complimenting her on her new hairdo, saying she is one of the few women who can pull it off kasi maliit ang mukha at matangos ang ilong. Unfortunately for me I don’t have both. *sniff*

Getting a kulot and/or blue hair was what I wanted for my birthday but both would be too much of a shock so I settled for bangs, for the first time in ages. This is how I looked like:

Not much has changed. Haha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

you take my breath away

Ventolin you cause me so much grief
Having asthma it can be so annoying
Yeah but at least you haven't got other diseases and shit

Yesterday I had the worst asthma attack ever. Well, physically or medically, at least. In my book, nothing beats the panic-induced asthma attack when I got called to recite in Physics class in 4th year high school. So effing embarrassing. I think I scared the shit out of my teacher and she never called me to recite again. I could have done that in law school. Haha.  

So yesterday. I barely had sleep the night before because of incessant coughing and immense difficulty in breathing. It felt like only ¼ of my lungs is functioning. I didn’t even want to sleep, I was so scared my respiratory system would stop working altogether (praning lang). In the morning my condition did not improve one bit despite the capsules of cough medication I’ve taken so I texted my boss that I won’t be able to report for work, which is almost felonious, since it was manic Monday. I spent the whole day trying to sleep but instead I twisted and turned and coughed like hell and gained nothing from the experience except back pains from the day-long bed abuse and abdominal cramps because of the cough. I swear coughing is almost as good as crunches. Magkaka-abs ka talaga.

At around 4PM the congestion went from bad to worse and it felt like there was a massive boulder on my chest, I thought I would die. I decided to drag myself to school and drop by the Infirmary so I could make it alive for my 6PM class.

In UP, the Infirmary is derisively called "Infirmatay" so going there is not the most attractive idea if you are having health problems. Pero kung feeling mo mamamatay ka na, huwag ka nang choosy. I was a bit surprised since they are now better equipped and maintained. And they have a nebulizer. Yay.

They made me use the aforesaid nebulizer for 30 minutes. Didn’t work. They made me lie in bed, put a tube through my nostrils and turned on the oxygen tank. I had it for an hour I think before they gave me another dose of nebulizer. While breathing through the oxygen tank. Fun.

I was bored, okay?

I got out after four hours, and this:

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Asin: Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata

Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata by Asin on Grooveshark

Kahapon, sa gitna ng kangaragan sa SLR ay naisip kong pumetiks muna at manood ng sine (Hi Tin! Oo, nanood ako ng sine kahit ang paalam ko'y iidlip lang ako sa bahay). Pinanood ko ang Six Degrees of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay. Napakarami nang naisulat tungkol sa pelikulang ito kaya hindi na ako eeksena pa. Ang masasabi ko lang ay "Mahusay!" *slow clap* Nakakalungkot lamang at wala pa yatang dalawampu ang kasama ko sa sinehan samantalang ang pila sa The Secret Affair at Skyfall e singhaba ng EDSA.

Sa awards night sequence ng pelikula ay nabanggit ang pangalang Lolita Carbon at naalala ko ang vocalist ng isa sa mga paborito kong banda noong bata pa ako (mga six years old, ganyan) kaya yun. Yun lang talaga ang paliwanag sa post na ito. 

In other news, Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness Week noong nakaraang linggo kaya rin ito ang napili kong kanta. Pero maganda rin i-playback yung Ang Bayan Kong Sinilangan (Cotabato) habang pinapanood ang historic signing ng Framework Agreement sa pagitan ng pamahalaan at ng Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). See, Asin is awesome! Hooray for social relevance. 

Oo, ganito ang pinakikinggan kong music noong bata ako. Don't judge me. At saka mainstream-bordering-on-jologs-pop (read: Michael Learns To Rock).